Since IN-RGY was founded eight years ago, we have always put our clients’ interests above our own, and we have found one more opportunity to do this: meet our advisory board, the fulfilment of the team’s 2015 objective.

In the service of your success

How does our board benefit you? It is one more tool we can use to meet your needs: the support we offer to companies will be enhanced by the innovative solutions and strategic reflections of the board members. By shaking up our daily management process, input from the board will help us find new ways to organize, optimize and manage human resources for our clients.

Every collision is a source of reflection and an opportunity for advancement and progress, so we are always looking for ways to provoke collisions… and creating an advisory board was one of those ways,” explained Sébastien Massicote, executive vice-president in charge of the company’s strategic initiatives.

IN-RGY’s winning team

After months of research and interviews, we are extremely pleased and proud to unveil our advisory board and introduce its members,” announced IN-RGY president and CEO Thierry Bodson.

Jean-Claude Aubé, Marc Tremblay and Gisèle Desrochers are the external advisors selected to be part of our new advisory board.

Jean-Claude Aubé specializes in consulting services and has extensive experience with the optimization of operational processes. Marc Tremblay’s expertise focuses on information technology, issue management and advisory boards. Gisèle Desrochers has broad experience in key sectors of corporate governance, including human resources, along with expertise gained through the many administrative committees and advisory boards she has served on.

The combined skill set of our three external advisors and the executive managers on our board will help us reach the objectives outlined in IN-RGY’s five-year plan: strong growth and incursion into new markets.

Fine-tuned consulting service

As Thierry Bodson put it, “IN-RGY has always been quite modest, rather than trumpeting the strength of the company which has, after all, been helping some very prestigious businesses for eight years, with a level of professionalism and satisfaction that are quite simply unparalleled. For IN-RGY, the impressive expertise and experience of the selected advisors are the best way to guarantee our advancement towards even higher peaks, in the interests of our present and future clients.
Our new board, anchored by the combination of the members’ expertise and opinions, will open an even broader spectrum of processes, solutions and software to support clients in their human resource management. The IN-RGY advisory board builds on our already highly responsive consulting services.

To learn more about our advisory board or to take advantage of our consulting services and human resources management tools, contact our experts.