Managing Talent with SAP SuccessFactors

Group IN-RGY manages their internal talent effectively to better increase the efficiency of their Human Capital Management process. Attracting and retaining the best talent is a top priority for IN-RGY because talent drives our business and allows us to help our customers. To support our growth and gain transparency we needed a solution that can centralize our view of our talent pool and allows us to move from a “hire for specific positions” to a “talent pool” strategy.
SuccessFactors Talent Management improves business results by helping our internal HR attract, develop and retain the right Talent. IN-RGY has enhanced its Talent acquisition operations and reduced costs to improve the quality, consistency and accessibility to talent. We have also reduced lead time to hire by implementing a more efficient hiring process that boasts collaboration of internal stakeholder through improved workflows. The new module gives IN-RGY a centralized model and greater visibility into our current and future business needs and resources allowing us to Run Simple and be more efficient to better respond to our customers’ needs

Group IN-RGY Attracts, Selects and Engages Top Talent

Click the following link to access the info sheet: Internal Go-live information sheet