There are many tasks during payroll year-end and year-begin time; ensuring your system is prepared for the new tax year and closing the old tax year is critical. Which tables need validation? Which tables need to be updated? Up to which year have the pay periods, vacation pay accrual years, etc., been defined? Have your company’s table entries been written over by SAP’s year-end Canadian Legal Changes (CLC’s)?

A comprehensive checklist is a necessary tool to ensure nothing is overlooked. Our expert consultants have developed a Payroll Year-end Checklist that can help you ensure you don’t miss the critical tasks. This one-page checklist contains items related to required configuration, tax year-end/begin activities, as well as year-end reporting activities.

This checklist was designed to be easy to use from year to year by simply updating the tax year at the top of the checklist. Formulas within the document will update all references to year whether they be current or referring to the following years, and can be easily updated to suit your specific business needs.