IN-Automation, HR Consulting Service to Automate your Processes

To help you combine skilfully human resources and technology and better serve your clients.

From Long Manual Processes to a Strong Automated Management

We help you make your way toward intelligent process automation and implement & use your new technologies.

Analysis of Your Current HR Processes

We start by assessing your situation. In order to do this, we:
  • review your current technology
  • estimate together where you should start
  • demonstrate the benefits of every automation for your organization
  • evaluate your potential ROI with technologies to implement

Transfer Toward Intelligent Solutions & Advice

We do way more than just give you pieces of advice. We:
  • create the infrastructure
  • suggest and integrate your software
  • help you demystify the technology concepts

Support When Deploying Your Technologies

We stay with you long after your tools integration. We:
  • help you manage your automated processes
  • guide you so that your team is comfortable with the new tools
  • are available upon request to help you if you have a problem
  • inform you of new products on the market
  • keep giving you pieces of advice if need be

Why Automating Your Internal & External Processes

It can be hard to switch from your manual methods to automated processes when you do it alone. With IN-RGY’s advisors, you will find it simple. You will easily:
  • reduce your operational cost
  • improve your speed of execution
  • increase the quality of your service
  • shorten your end to end process
  • facilitate your employees’ work and boost their morale
  • increase your client satisfaction
  • gain agility
  • offer innovative new lines of products and services
Our Experienced Human Resource Advisors
Our professionals come to your workplace to work directly with your team. They propose flexible approaches completely adaptable to your business sector and your current & future objectives.
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