Montreal, December 19th 2016

Christmas period is full of Joy, Gifts and Celebration for most of us.

It is unfortunately also a period of great sadness and a feeling of injustice for too many Quebec families.
Due to financial difficulties in spite of themselves, fathers and mothers are heartbroken at the thought of seeing their children, on the morning of December 25, eyes round and shining with retained tears, asking them ” We do not have enough money that Santa has not gone home this year again ?”

This year, our social committee decided to make a difference for several of these families.

Jean-Luc had only one email to send to the team, and the answer was immediate …
Gifts from all sides accumulated at the foot of the Christmas tree, and were entrusted to the Christmas angels of the “Maisonnette Berthelet

Boys … Girls … Grown-up… Babies… There were some for all kinds and ages.

This will only make a small difference for a few families … But this difference will bring joy to some fifty children, and may give them hope and motivation to continue to fight.

Thanks to all IN-RGY employees who, once again, have demonstrated their great generosity through concrete action.