I enjoy being independent on a project, feeling responsible for it but then having the entire IN-RGY team one skype away if I have a question or need a quick brainstorming session.

— Alexandre


What I love about working with the different teams at IN-RGY is that we challenge each other without competing against one another. I think it makes me better at my job.

— Jean-Luc


We maintain a good work/life balance. It’s actually part of our DNA. Our training, our profession and our work binds us but it’s our humanity that unites us. That’s what makes us stronger in front of every client.

— Frederick

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What if you did purposeful work that help shape communities? What if your job helped you fulfill your potential? Overcome challenges in collaboration with other skilled professionals? Open your mind to new ways of tackling HR old problems? Put your talents to good use within a company that gives you tools to help your career thrive? What if you could play ping pong with a colleague to relieve stress when needed? What if your co-workers felt like a big diverse family?

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We are a community of agile interconnected experts where we perfect the art of thinking independently together.

Here are a few stories from our team members:

What if IN-RGY was the employer who offered you all these possibilities?

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