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Customized Modules That Add Value To Your Solutions

Add-on solutions to better optimize your HRIS solutions

Is Your HR Software Solution Operating At Peak Performance?

Your performance index could prove to be enhanced with a specialized solution tailored to your operational needs. With complementary applications enriching your software package, new opportunities open up for your business.



IN-RGY Lab is a laboratory of technological innovations to further push the limits of human resources information systems. Our goal: To provide an innovative user experience to our customers.



In partnership with Kronos Dimensions, IN-RGY creates a new suite of applications that intelligently optimizes the management of your HR operations. These are add-ons that can enhance and complement the functionality of your existing solutions and greatly simplify the work of your employees.



Vacation Bidding



Real-time schedule exports



Custom timesheets



Customized reports



Reminder List



Schedule management; special requests from employees, absence quota management


Why choose IN-RGY for the development or adaptation of your HRIS solutions?

IN-RGY markets complementary tools and develops tailor-made applications, integrated into your HRIS platform. With a vast experience specializing in human resources management technologies, our mission is to provide you with the best HR solutions to help you achieve your goals while reducing your administrative costs.



We implement and integration optimal solutions, using best-in-class technologies


We evaluate potential ROI based on the solutions to be implemented


We simplify and facilitate all your HR processes with tailored solutions


We customize solutions to improve workforce, objectives and performance management



We simplify tasks and lessen the employee workload



We reduce operational expenses by eliminating duplicate data entries



We provide personalized training services


Custom And Complementary Solutions :

Many companies are challenged by their inability to harmoniously integrate the many solutions they have on hand. IN-RGY develops the tools you need to optimize your operations, delivering a management process that is more profitable. Our development team is experienced with the following partner solutions:

Discover our expertise in time management.

Our experts can tailor your platform using our value-added applications to optimize time management, enhance employee engagement and better track labor costs.


Discover our expertise in payroll management.

Trust in IN-RGY, one of the largest SAP integration practices in Canada. Through our personalized support and operational payroll services, we accompany your team throughout the process.


Discover our expertise in human capital management.

IN-RGY optimizes your human capital management solution. Our human resources and talent management consulting services will help reduce your operating costs and maximize growth.


Discover our expertise in workforce management.

Benefit from one of the most flexible and seamless workforce management solutions, supported and guided by our team of experts.

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