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Come create impactful HR experiences every day

Be part of a team that defines itself as a family. Your talent, your personality, and your story matter to us a great deal. The sum of each individual is what makes us unique, and what helps us to make an impact on even the most common experiences. This is the portal to your opportunities.



During each point of contact with our employees as well as our customers, we are committed to always delivering our best.

The quality of our people is what sets us apart. Are the values of excellence and commitment part of your DNA? We want you to be an ambassador of the customer-centric culture.

Be part of a people-centric culture.

Our people-centric culture is driven by a huge passion for our people and collective goals. Our people are proud to be team players where the phrase, "it's not my job" is not in our vocabulary. 

Passion in our different fields is what drives team dynamics and smiles, every day. Positivity contributes to the cohesion and strength of the bonds we create in our relationships, both at the client and internal levels. 

Share your passion with passionate people.



At the heart of our relationships are respect and integrity, two fundamental values on which our founders base their decisions and major orientations.

Intrapreneurship is encouraged, the doors are wide open for everyone's ideas and expression. To blossom by being yourself is what is highly advocated at IN-RGY.

Expressing my ideas in all authenticity.
Liliane Schoot Normalized

I am proud to work for a company that values its employees, allows them to evolve professionally and offers a pleasant working environment.

Liliane Schoot
UKG Consultant
Sebastien Roberto

Time flies as I approach my 5th year anniversary at IN-RGY. I'm proud to be part of its exponential growth. Growth can be explained by the way that IN-RGY trusts and empowers its employees to perform at their highest level and to have fun while doing it.

Sébastien Roberto
SAP SuccessFactors Consultant

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