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The Quickest Way to Implement SAP® SuccessFactors

HRunner consists of preconfigured modules that drastically reduce implementation time. Not only you get most of the benefits of SAP® SuccessFactors - you get them quicker and at a reduced cost.

Not Everyone Needs the Full Extent of SAP® SuccessFactors Capabilities

Strategy is all about making the right choices. When it comes to your HRIS, if you tend to favor efficiency over functionality, look no further than HRunner. 

Quicker Implementation

Let's be honest, any powerful solution needs its fair amount of time to be successfully implemented. With HRunner, you're 3 to 6 weeks away from a fully integrated and operational solution. That's right!

We've Done Most of the (Tedious) Work

Beyond your system integrator, your ability to manage organizational changes is a key factor in any successful system integration. To help you at that, each modules we provide comes with pre-filled documentation. No more wasting time filling documents!

Try It Before You Buy It!

Nobody likes to make decisions on apparent benefits and promises. That's why we're more than happy to let you test drive HRunner in a production environment. You'll then know exactly if HRunner is right for you (and which version fits your business needs the most).

Save Money

Due to its high-speed implementation methodology and out-of-the-box packaging, HRunner can save you up to 50% on costs compared to the typical SAP SuccessFactors implementation process.

Different accelerators for different needs

To suit your organization best, discover more about our two HR Cloud-Based Solutions packages   




Get up and running quickly by selecting your next HR module from our configurations library.




For your more specific requirements, enhance your chosen HR modules with additional configurations.

Your goal is the heart of our operations.

Our goal is to support your mission-critical HR projects. We help your team redefine HR processes and technologies to overcome the limitations of traditional platforms.

We Make HR Solutions Powerfully Simple

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