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Labor In-Sight: Add-Ons to Improve Your Scheduling Process

How can you enhance your scheduling process even more? It’s common knowledge that the better you get at something, the more specific things have to be to make an impact.

That’s exactly how LIS was designed: a suite of specific add-ons that integrate into your existing HRIS to make ALL planning processes effortless.

Preserve Your Most Valuable Resource

Time. It’s, arguably, your most important resource. If Labor In-Sight won’t magically add more hours to your day, its integration to your existing HRIS will allow your organization to spend less time planning, preparing, and making decisions. As a result, you’ll have more time to focus on what truly matters.

Increase Employee Engagement

LIS allows you to easily assign tasks to anyone in your organization. As such, each tasks become owned by who it was assigned to. And with instant access to their schedules, everyone know what’s next. Anytime. Anywhere.

Boost Productivity

The right scheduling tools helps you paint a clearer picture of what needs to be done. When your organization is on top of their priorities, not only you prevent conflicts, but you’ll be presented with more opportunities.

Secure and Compliant 

Simplified and automated compliance. Adhere to labor, business, and confidentiality regulations. Avoid costly penalties and fines. 

Scheduling Management Add-Ons You (Almost) Don’t Need to Manage

Enhance your existing HR solutions scheduling processes with Labor In-Sight. Whether you've decided to work with UKG, SAP of Workforce, LIS will blend perfectly with your existing solution interface. #seamless

Employee Billboard

An online and collaborative calendar, designed to empower employees and managers to manage schedule changes. 

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Workplan Manager

Manage your schedule rotations and patterns to a centralized schedule template interface. 

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Shift Bidding

Automatically fill your schedule with qualified employees. 

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Vacation Bidding

Streamline your vacation awarding process without compromising your union laws. 

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Schedule Report

Configure and visualize your location schedule in a few clicks. 

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Call list

Cover last-minute schedule changes. 

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