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Workforce Management Made Simple

As a trusted Workforce Software Partner, we believe people are at the very core of every success. That’s why our approach is deeply rooted in making technology work for you (and not the other way around).

Future-Proofing and Streamlining Workforce Management

So you want to lead your teams to success? With IN-RGY as a Workforce Software partner, you get more than just a comprehensive management system. You’re putting the groundwork for your ambitions. How? By gaining meaningful business insights tailored to your unique reality. Because tools without the right people are just that, tools. 

Implementation & Integration

Choosing a solution is the easy part. Implementing and integrating one is not. No matter what's next on your roadmap, we're a reference in everything Workforce : from time collection and gross calculations to data reporting and validations.

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24/7 Technical Support & Maintenance

Problems are a common part of any successful businesses. Got a technical problem or a concern about time management? Our team of experts is always there for you, 24/7.

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Get a Helping Hand From the Best

Sometime all you need is temporary help to make your HR operations run smoothly. Whatever your requirements, we offer custom services tailored to your needs. That includes TeamaaS and Service & Staff Augmentation.

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Transformation & Strategic Guidance

Today, everyone's a so-called expert in Digital Transformation. Truth be told, the real expertise might lay elsewhere. It is our opinion that implementing the right tools to gain meaningful insights and better efficiency is all there is. 

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Let’s Put Your People Management to the Test

Is your workforce management mature enough to handle the transformation of the workplace?

Looking for a new solution

With the strength of its rule engine, the WorkForce Software platform manages employees' activities fully and makes the whole experience user-friendly.

Learn more about your workforce management maturity level to better understand your next move. 

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Scale your actual solution

How do we leverage a tool such as WorkForce Software? How should one reconfigure it in a way that is scalable?

Learn more about what you should focus on to scale the solution you already have in place.

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A good System Integrator provides expert technical know-how, brings experience from working across industries and past deployment experience, and is involved in the earliest planning stages to contribute their knowledge into saving costs and improving outcomes.

A good System Integrator is a key contributor to the project's success.

Philippe Lalumière
Former IT Director Cirque du Soleil

Let's build the future of your HR, together. 

Supporting your high-complexity, mission-critical HR projects with top accuracy is what we do. We help your team redefine processes and HR tech to go beyond the limits of traditional platforms.

We Make HR Solutions Powerfully Simple

So how will you leverage and scale your WorkForce Software solution?

Team up with us and get ready to evolve your HR and Time Management today.