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Have you ever thought about working with a robot?

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Often images of humanoid machines or robotic arms in plants immediately come to mind when we talk about “robots”. Yet, this vision is today still a little bit inaccurate. New robots in the form of software called RPA (Robotic Process Automation) arise and figure prominently on the present technological market.


The robots are software able to perform standardized recurrent processes. They allow people to free themselves from repetitive tasks and thus concentrate on activities demanding more time and thoroughness. These are mainly used for support functions or for operational tasks and they can help companies in improving the efficiency and performance of their operations, faster and at a lower cost.


Today, the activity in automation knows a strong growth. It is increasingly common to see companies use this reinforcement software within their organization. IN-RGY, a young Québec company for which robotization holds no more secrets, quickly understood the needs of the market, and has deployed large scale robotic processes automation software for client organizations. It is the case with RAET, a company specialized in HR services and solutions, that presently uses one of many systems made by the Canadian organization. RAET’s main problem was generating continuous reports. This repetitive task was, at the time, performed by employees. Today, a robot named George performs this task. The next day, when they arrive at work, the employees find the completed reports and simply verify the tasks.


To know more about it, please watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQsI-e82c50&feature=youtu.be


The solutions based on the automation of robotic processes brings lower costs and a shorter cycle duration and improves production rate. Data entry is meticulous and without too much risk of error. Also, many systems are flexible and increase precision. The employees can thus take care of more important activities without having to perform monotonous tasks, improving morale, and creating an added value to their functions.


In conclusion, there is still a long way to go before we get to see human-form robots working in our offices. Automatic solutions software is only a premise, of which we must fully take advantage of. Robots are built to facilitate work, so let’s enjoy delegating our tasks. To find out more on Robotic Process Automation, contact us here:



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