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How does IN-RGY invest in its employees?

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A seminar for employees

For more than 10 years, the annual IN-RGY seminar has been a highly anticipated gathering for employees. In 2019, the event took place in Mexico, assembling the international team.


Motivational Inspiration

Speaker and writer, Benoit Chalifoux was invited to share his insight on the state of emotional intelligence in 2019, and how it serves to strengthen human interactions.

With a remarkable 80 international partnerships with some of the world's most prestigious universities, Benoit is a renowned soft skills and intercultural management conference guru, inspiring many of today’s leaders. Whether it be in business or in personal development, Benoit Chalifoux continues to teach locally and around the world, in addition to mentoring promising start-ups.


What are Softs Skills and Emotional Intelligence?


"The ability to recognize one's own feelings and those of others, to self-motivate and cope effectively with emotions within their inner self and in their relationships with others.” Goleman, 1995


How are Soft Skills reflected in our daily lives?

At IN-RGY, our human resources are driven by our corporate values:

  • Excellence and accountability in our deliveries
  • Passionate and positive in our attitudes
  • Respect and integrity in our relationships


What are the Soft Skills that our leaders require?



is the first step in personal leadership development. A good leader must understand and recognize their own emotions in order to understand their effect on others. Self-consciousness increases self-esteem and provides a more positive perception of yourself. Examine your values and develop your personal and professional consciousness. At IN-RGY, our senior executives ensure that their personal values are in accordance with those promoted internally. Self-awareness exercises are performed quarterly with managers to uncover interests, strengths, weaknesses and discuss the employee’s level of happiness at work.


Self-Mastery (Self-Control)

is a skill sometimes overlooked or neglected, but greatly contributes to the overall well-being of a productive working environment. With the ability to better manage negative or unfavorable impulses, a leader can inspire confidence, integrity and an open spirit. The goal is to become flexible in the face of adversities and challenges by demonstrating true integrity.  To achieve excellence, our experts are well equipped to execute on deliverables in a timely manner conducive to their well-being, while meeting customer expectations. At IN-RGY, we adopt proactive measures that encourage open communication.



is the ability to consider and understand the emotional state of others. This quality has become an important leadership skill allowing you to anticipate reactions, help in employee development and leads to a greater understanding of cultural differences in the workforce. Show genuine interest in the people around you. This is a key corporate IN-RGY philosophy that we take to heart. With a family-style environment, employees respect their colleagues, and managers closely follow the evolution of their team, providing daily assistance and support. Senior management takes the time to proactively celebrate personal and professional accomplishments, such as promotions, achieving customer excellence or any other reason to validate and congratulate an employee.


Relationship Building

allows you to better manage and build networks, driving all activities towards the common goal of the team. A leader who understands and uses this art, approaches change with ease, has the ability to gain support and can motivate the team. Remain open to other ideas and personal orientations, while practicing the art of listening. At IN-RGY, we encourage face-to-face meetings, for our internal and client projects, listening and exchanging ideas in human harmony. Every opinion and point of view matters.  From the extrovert to the quiet introvert, all opinions are solicited and validated. For this reason, we always start with an analysis phase to better understand the needs and challenges of our customers.



is what most people first notice when encountering a successful leader who is laser focused on achieving their goals and exudes confidence. Finding resources with the personal commitment and drive to succeed and to continually achieve is key to a company’s success, even when faced with failure. Achieve excellence and seize opportunities by inspiring cooperation, commitment, initiative and effort. Our IN-RGY experts were selected for their passion, because we believe passion drives excellence and brings a more positive energy to the company. Every morning, we are greeted with smiling faces and hear laughter in the office – a testament to a team assembled with a common goal of success. Self-motivation is key to the widespread employee engagement felt across the IN-RGY family.


What if emotional intelligence was the new leadership?


Placing emphasis on soft skills development in today's company culture is crucial to engaging teams and guiding them towards success – a key element at IN-RGY.


With the rise of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the way we do business is completely evolving… and this is just the beginning! In this overwhelming e-environment era where mastering human relationships has become a challenge, soft skills could very well become, a new superpower.

"Curiosity, staying focused and paying attention have become difficult. Being in the present moment, has never been as challenging, as it is today," explains Benoît Chalifoux.


What is the best way to communicate in 2019? How to build better relationships and make them authentic? The answer to these questions, are quite simple: by listening and mastering soft skills.


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