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SuccessFactors Blog Series 2: Appearance Over Functionality. Is It Always (Ever) The Best Decision?

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The configuration of a system should be designed with the end user in mind, but functionally should also play a role.

This month’s blog focuses on a specific setting within the Platform Configuration that you likely may not know about. I’m referring to the “Hide User Name From UI” setting that SAP SuccessFactors and partners like us, can configure. Unfortunately, at this time, this is not an option that you, as a customer can access.

So, why is this important? Let me walk you through what this configuration option was designed to do.

When you log into SAP SuccessFactors, you’ll see your name and possibly your User Name, as well. Here’s a look at mine:


Most companies choose to hide User Names (“AdminDP” is my User Name) from the system because they do not find it visually appealing or even, useful. But, what they don’t realize, is that they have limited their ability to now search by User Name!


Hiding your User Name can have several frustrating implications, here are 3 examples:


1. Searching for Actions or People

Looking for someone specific? Know their User Name? We’ll you’re out of luck, because you will NOT be able to find them using their User Name! Take the example below. You know that Henry Howard’s User Name is “hhhh” so you search for him using it. Unfortunately, it will not appear.



If the User Name was still active, then Henry Howard would appear as a selection.


2. Launching Performance Management Forms

When trying to launch a Performance Management Form, you must type in the user’s first or last name to get a result. Here’s what happens when Hide User Name is enabled… NOTHING, because you can’t find Henry Howard this way!



Without Hide User Name enabled, you can easily find Henry Howard, as his name appears in the search results.


3. Searching for An Individual Via the Employee Profile

If you try to search for an employee by User Name on the Employee Profile page, guess what? You’ll run into the same issue. Here's the result when Hide User Name is enabled.

Result without Hide User Name enabled:


Now, you may be thinking that nobody knows or uses User Names, so why bother?

It’s true. Users generally do not know each other’s User Names, but your Administrators and system testers are the ones that are most impacted by the decision to hide User Names merely for the sake of appearance. Having to remember when to type in a user’s First Name and Last Name or their User Name can become very frustrating. Go ahead, ask your testers, I’m sure they’ll share their frustrations with you! For this reason, I suggest that if you do decide to Hide the User Name in your Production instance, then consider not doing this in your TEST instance. Your testers will thank you for it!

There are likely many other examples that highlight how hiding the User Name impacts your ability to quickly and easily use the system. If you’ve got one, go ahead and share them with me at doug.patzelt@in-rgy.com and I’ll include it in my next blog.


Enhancement Requests

Last month, I focused on the importance of Enhancement Requests. Going forward, I decided to include an Enhancement Request at the end of every blog so that you take advantage of requests that can be valuable to you and your operations.

This month’s enhancement request is the ability to add functionally that controls how “Notes” are displayed on Performance Reviews in the Supporting Information pod.  The request is to either include a date range where notes can be included or to allow an Administrator the ability to not show Notes in the Supporting Information pod. It’s an all or nothing option. Turning it on, will show every single note ever written – even those from 10 years ago that are no longer relevant when assessing someone’s performance today. Read the enhancement request and go vote to help make it happen!

Remember, if you have an enhancement request that you would like us to promote on your behalf, let me know and I will include it in an upcoming blog.

Stay tuned!


Doug Patzelt

Director, SuccessFactors



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