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SuccessFactors series Blog 1: That Would Make A Great Enhancement Request!

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Stop me if you’ve heard this from one of the good folks over at SAP SuccessFactors: “That would make a great enhancement request!”

In our on-going SAP SuccessFactors series of blog postings dedicated to maximizing and optimizing your system use, this month we delve into the power you hold in your very hands, the power to get your enhancement ideas realized!

Few companies appreciate customer feedback quite like SAP SuccessFactors does. I can’t count the number of times as a client-user and now as a certified consultant and partner where I have been encouraged to submit an enhancement request. Your suggestions for enhancement requests are taken into serious consideration, where you have an actual say in generating suggestions and then have the opportunity to vote your request into reality.

Your vote counts. Put your SuccessFactors democratic right to vote to the test.

Here’s How:

Log into the SAP SuccessFactors Customer Influence Site. Here you will see a list of suggested enhancements generated by client users around the world.  One person’s idea for improvement, can benefit the entire SAP SuccessFactors community!

If you’re familiar with the site, please go there now and scroll through the enhancement request ideas and vote for your preference.  For the first-time user, here’s a quick tutorial on how to access the site.

Log into the SAP SuccessFactors Influence site using your SUser ID – the same ID that you use when creating support tickets.

Once there:

  • Select [Requests] from the drop-down menu
  • Type in 214701 and click on the Magnifying Glass
  • When the Search results appear, you can click on the Title or the # to see more details about the Enhancement Request

Click on [Details] to see more information about the enhancement request.

Place your vote by clicking on the [Vote] button. To remove your vote, click on the [Vote] button a second time.


To see who else voted for the same request, click on the VOTES (#) tab. The more votes generated, the more likely that SuccessFactors will implement this request.


Not only do you get to vote for enhancements requests already listed, you too can add your very own enhancement request suggestions! Simply add them on the site, or contact me with the details and I would be more than happy to do this on your behalf, as an added value to the services we provide you.

I often post suggestions on behalf of a customer request and will share these requests, from time to time, here on our blog to help foster support for your great ideas. So let’s all take part in this great initiate, as it directly benefits you – the user.

If you ever want further information about SuccessFactors, do not hesitate to contact us. We will attend SuccessConnect event from September 11 to 13, 2018.

Mathieu Hébert, our VP Business Development & HR Evangelist and myself will love to set up a time to meet you while at the event. We are both primed to uncover how you use SAP in your operations and outline how we can maximize your investment. We are an SAP partner celebrating 10 exceptional years helping companies achieve business and digital transformations. So come see us and let's talk !

Doug Patzelt

Director, SuccessFactors



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