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Focus on What You Do Best

As your HRIS partner, we know more than anyone that HR technology should work for you (and not the other way around).

That’s why our application management services team is fully committed to the maintenance, enhancement, and management of your HR solutions.

Application Management Services (AMS) is Just a Fancy Way of Saying Support and Maintenance

There, we've just said it! But whether you call it application management services or just support & maintenance, it doesn't make it any less important. If the implementation is the starting point in maximizing your HRIS investment, AMS ensures its ongoing viability and optimization. And that's crucial, because technology, like your organization, has to keep going forward.

Keep The Lights On

User queries and “How to?”
Respond to process/learning issues for Business and SysAdmin Superusers
Superuser coaching
User access and data security issues​
Updating documentation and training materials​
Infrastructure Management​
Tenant/Systems refreshes​
Plan system upgrade, release overview


Security Role Maintenance
Table configuration ​
Rules configuration
Workflow changes​
Integrations maintenance​
Reports maintenance​
Superuser testing support​
QA, Migration to Prod

Basic Enhancements

Basic configuration changes/updates (e.g., new wage type, route map step)
Application enhancements
Integration enhancements

Large-scale improvements, projects, and strategic initiatives​ 

HR Technology Roadmap
New feature implementation 
New module implementation
New initiatives

No organization is immune to bugs, flaws and configuration errors.

If technology can be bliss, it's not always all sunshine and rainbows. The good news is most problems can be avoided with the right AMS team. Here are a few ways we make sure your HRIS solution always stays healthy.

Planned Maintenance​

Any system maintenance required due to new regulatory compliance requirements will be managed by the IN-RGY team. We analyze and recommend changes required to optimize the solution.


Erroneous response from the application based on the original scope, needing an intervention at the system level.


Support, training, or coaching to users or super users, requiring no configuration or action on the system.

Minor change 

Request for amendment or minor adaptation of the solution, usually in response to a new business need.

Major changes

Request for amendment or major adaptation of the solution, usually in response to a new business need. This typically requires the establishment of a structure and a project management team (committee, project manager, progress status, etc.).

We help you bring outcomes. For good.

Strengthen your strategic plan for the future

Governance model

Team of experienced resources

Dedicated Technical and Management team

The IN-RGY support team was an essential asset in the post-Go-Live phase, which helped us to stay up to date and have continuous maintenance to avoid any operational slowdowns. We felt a sense of personalization and humanity through their trusted service.

Cath Roy
HRIS Project Manager Camso

AMS support in an ecosystem of complementary services

HRIS Implementation & Integration

For your implementation or integration project, our expertise covers robust and scalable systems such as SAP HCM (ECC), SuccessFactors, Workforce Software and the UKG suite.

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Team as a Service

Bring high-expertise turnkey members to join your operational teams to help your HR operations and testing activities keep rolling. We cater to your temporary and long-term needs. You build up your own support package.

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Strategic Consulting & Change Management

Helping your human resources to gain valuable insights and reach better process efficiency is where our strategic services bring value to your next big organizational change or digital transformation. 

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Applications Development

Our application development company creates valuable applications that intelligently optimize the management of your HR operations. Our apps are built to complement any of the processes or scenarios that are unique to your business.

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We Make HR Solutions Powerfully Simple

We are ready to assist you with all your AMS support and system maintenance needs so that your HR tools evolve at the same pace as your business.