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Team as a Service / STAFF AUGMENTATION

More Than Just Reinforcements

Team as a Service (TaaS) offers a new model for collaboration. 

It allows your organization to draw on skill sets you don’t currently have in-house - without the expense of new permanent hires. Whether you want to improve your payroll operations or give a kick to your HR activities, we're the right addition to any HR team.

You don't exactly know when your HR staff will need extra help

HR employee going on maternity leave? Sudden business expansion? How are you dealing with these types of situations? The good news is, you don't really have to. With IN-RGY Team as a Service, you get a scalable HR team at your fingertips. But that's not all of it. TeamaaS lets you create the collaborative model that works best for you. Here are a few instances where TeamaaS can help your organization:

Add specific skill sets, as needed.

Replace an employee on maternity leave
Replace an employee on sickness leave
Add capacity after your organization makes an acquisition
Add capacity when your organization is expanding
Manage confidential payrolls
Manage Canadian payroll for organization who've just acquired a Canadian company

We're always up to the test.

Add temporary or specific skill sets to your team
Add capacity to your team
Define testing cases
Manage all tests scenarios
Manage your testing team

Powerful collaboration without the hassle

With IN-RGY Team as a Service, you get a remote team of technical and operational experts at your fingertips.

Keep the driving force of your business at full speed

TeamaS helps you maintain the quality of your HR activities

Get help from highly qualified people

Up to the testing phase? We provide the right people and the right expertise.

Worry less and focus on what you do best

We'll handle all the test phases during your HRIS system implementation.

It's about tackling challenges together.

Team of vast experience  

Dedicated operations and Management Team  

Active member on Management Board CPA

Experiences on different HR systems - SAP, SuccessFactors, ADP, UKG, Workday, Ceridian, and more

Behind every good team, there's another team.

There are no HR challenges we cannot help you with.

HRIS Implementation & Integration

For your implementation or integration project, our expertise covers robust and scalable systems such as SAP HCM (ECC), SuccessFactors, Workforce Software and the UKG suite.

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Team as a Service (TaaS) 

Bring high-expertise turnkey members to join your operational teams to help your HR operations and testing activities keep rolling. We cater to your temporary and long-term needs. You build up your own support package.

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Strategic Consulting & Change Management

Helping your human resources gain valuable insights and better process efficiency is where our strategic services bring value to your next big organizational change or digital transformation. 

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Features Development

Our features development team creates valuable features that intelligently optimize the management of your HR operations. Our functionalities are built to complement any of the processes or scenarios that are unique to your business.

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We Make HR Solutions Powerfully Simple

Whether your urgent need is staff augmentation, or business process outsourcing (BPO) for payroll, we're ready to help you reach new levels of efficiency and success today.