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UKG Experts and Integrators

Our HR experts guide you through a simple and user-friendly Time and Schedule Management Solution.

UKG Solutions

UKG Workforce Central 

This proven solution allows you to handle all your time management processes, regardless of your industry and the size of your organization.

UKG Dimensions

The new Kronos flagship product! Manage your time and that of your employees more easily in the most optimal and intuitive way possible, all thanks to a completely cloud-based platform. Its artificial intelligence will bring your solution to another level!

UKG Ready 

Use Kronos Cloud Platform to effectively manage all your resources from pre-hiring to retirement. Focused on large and medium-sized businesses, its deployment is faster and more cost effective than other solutions.

UKG Time Management Solutions Empower The Modern Workforce

Why trust IN-RGY for your Scheduling And Time Management needs?

  • Team of certified UKG implementation and integration experts
  • Benefit from personalized training that optimizes your solution
  • Consultants that integrate customized, value-added solutions that maximize your platform investment
  • Support team that assists you before, during and after your implementation
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