Human Capital Management Consulting Services

Efficient human resources management is a strategic and competitive advantage for your organization.

Each of our consultants have 10 to 15 years of experience in human resources, specifically human resources information systems and human capital management applications. Our consultants set the standard for excellence in their respective fields and are recognized for their professional maturity. They offer strategic services to first determine the required performance and identify areas that require optimization and improvement.

These strategic services include:

  • HR technology strategy and planning
  • Organizational change strategy 
  • Benchmarking and optimisation of HR processes
  • Profitability and ROI analysis
  • Functional and technical solution architecture
  • Analysis and prioritisation of the components and functions to deploy
  • Development of transitional strategies
    (change management, communication, training, documentation and user guides)

An HR Department is organized or re-engineered over four typical phases of development:

PHASE I – Basic optimization

Improving and simplifying basic administrative activities for HR services. Benefits:

  • Utilizing the time dedicated to emergencies for strategic activities
  • Aligning human, financial and technological needs
  • Utilizing technology to simplify the decision making process
  • Facilitating the identification of priorities
  • Reducing transaction costs

PHASE II – Reducing the HR effort

Implementing self-service solutions to create value by reducing the number of administrative tasks. Solutions:

  • Employee portal (a phased approach is possible)
  • Manager portal Shared services centre
  • Shared services centre
  • Information access and distribution
  • Electronic notifications

PHASE III – HR management

Recruiting, developing, training and retaining talent within the organization. Benefits:

  • Facilitating personnel management
  • Attracting and acquiring new talent
  • Managing resource performance
  • Succession planning
  • Developing human capital
  • Adequately training personnel
  • Retaining human resources

PHASE IV – Business intelligence

Providing access to essential data for the company’s strategic management team. Benefits:

  • Real time access to, and use of, integrated data
  • Automating the production of reports and trend charts
  • Facilitating access to statistics
  • Effectively managing information
  • Planning the future of human capital
  • Proactive analysis, planning and development

Our methodology allows for quick delivery of solutions adapted to our clients requirements based on the highest quality standards in the market. We implement complete SAP HCM solutions with functionalities that complement existing technologies. Project management takes into account each client’s budget, objectives and schedule.