A well-adapted technological solution is a key competitive advantage for your organization

High-level tools adapted to your environment and processes will greatly improve your organization’s ability to outperform your competition and guarantee a return on your investment.

Our team of world-class experts and our partners with their renowned suppliers make it possible for us to meet the highly varied HR requirements of our clients by integrating specialized solutions and complementary applications into their projects. Here are some examples:

  • Developing, implementing and adapting SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors solutions, including American and Canadian payroll functions
  • HR self-service portal for employees and managers
  • Developing customized Web and mobile solutions on different platforms
  • Calibrating, deploying, configuring and hosting technological infrastructures (servers, SAN, networking, backup units and environments) adapted to the selected databases (HANA, Sybase, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2) and operating systems (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux and MS Windows)

Each of these solutions is available in different forms in terms of installation and management and related financing. The software market has changed immensely over the past five years, first with the arrival of SaaS followed by cloud solutions.

Until recently, we had to purchase a software application and install it on our own equipment. That has changed. Today it is possible to: (i) Pay for software on a regular subscription basis (SaaS mode); (ii) Use software on a Web platform such as a browser, without worrying about installation and updating or about managing the associated database (cloud mode).

The proper integration of your solution is paramount to achieve your planned efficiencies

Our experiences and methodology provide quick delivery based on quality standards and solutions adapted to clients. Thus, it leads to long-term satisfaction given its stability and adaptability. We implement complete SAP HCM solutions and functionalities that complement the existing technology. Projects are managed according to each client’s budget, objectives and schedule.

By basing ourselves on these different dimensions, we offer our clients:

  1. HRIS solutions on a SAP ERP (HR) and SAP SuccessFactors platform
    • In cloud mode (hosted in SAP environments)
    • In private cloud mode (hosted in an IN-RGY environment, with the option for our clients to repatriate hosting instances or contracts)
    • In on-premise mode with your environments
  2. Integration and application support services
    • In turnkey mode (fully managed projects with assignment of responsibilities)
    • In support mode (partly managed projects in collaboration with your team and without assigning responsibilities)
    • In “staff augmentation” mode (allocation of experienced resources according to the duties, roles and responsibilities of your resources)