Executives and managers have confidence in SAP HR because of the functionality, robustness and flexibility this solution offers. However, one point of criticism remains: SAP’s user interface (UI) is a source of frustration for users and this experience limits adoption and satisfaction.

SAP recently resolved this problem by adding HR Renewal and Fiori technologies: no additional licenses required. HR Renewal and Fiori provide modern, intuitive UIs and a consumer-grade experience. You finally have the best of both worlds!


HR Renewal and Fiori enable your organization to:

  • Reduce transaction complexity
    • Leaner processes
    • Automation
  • Improve business user productivity
    • Enable offline processes (Timesheet and Travel & Expense entries, etc.)
    • Process oriented (onboarding with workflows integration, forms, etc.)
    • Single screen approach
    • Reduce errors
  • Increase user satisfaction
    • Modern and intuitive UI
    • Adaptive UI : Works on mobile devices, regardless of screen size
  • Reduce costs
    • Powerful analytics
    • No additional licenses
    • Decrease training time
    • No portal required

HR Renewal and Fiori enable your organization to benefit financially thanks to decreased cost of operations and increased productivity.

Important gains for the HR department

HR Renewal facilitates HR and payroll tasks thanks to the built-in HR Professional component.

HR Professional, an intregral part of HR Renewal, gives you the opportunity to:

  • Reduce your learning curve and trainning fees;
  • Improve productivity;
  • Manage your HR processes and tasks anytime, anywhere and on any device;
  • Visualized your whole dashboard at a glance.

HR Professional is an easy to use system which immediately gives you an overview of all tasks – yours and those of your employees.

Adoption and satisfaction

SAP recognizes the importance of a great user experience, at work and at home, hence the adding of HR Renewal and Fiori. You can now benefit from a user interface inspired by social media concepts on any fixed or mobile devices. The user experience is totally redefined.

Easy and quick to deploy, these new technologies complete your company’s SAP HR solution and enable you to modernize your company without disrupting your activities.

Modernizing the user interface of your SAP HR solution is a small investment with tremendous returns and a positive impact on your workforce. Let IN-RGY guide you in order to analyse the viability and the possible return on investment of implementing HR Renewal.

To discover all about HR Renewal and Fiori technologies and to schedule a free demonstration without obligation, contact us.