Montreal, Tuesday, August 30, 2016

IN-RGY launches IN-Strategy lead by Caroline Boutin


Group IN-RGY Consulting, a leading solutions provider in Human Resources Technologies, is proud to announce its optimized professional services model, which is positioned to respond to the ever-evolving strategic and operational HR needs of companies. The new services model for IN-RGY is set to span the entire spectrum of HR services from strategic consulting and initial solutions implementation to support and optimization.


Among the suite of services is IN-Strategy, which aims to help clients achieve optimal strategic positioning in the context of the continual and rapid evolution of HR. The IN-Strategy service is intended to help clients through Strategic Consulting, Transformation, and Learning services. With the launch of the IN-Strategy services offering, Group IN-RGY consulting is happy to announce the appointment of Caroline Boutin as Vice-President, Operations & Strategic Consulting, to lead this new business unit.


Caroline Boutin has 20 years of experience in business consulting in the field of strategic design and implementation for transformational change in large and complex environments. With her passion for the human element of development and improvement, she navigates easily through Strategic Consulting, HR Transformation, Learning, and Coaching. She is known as an inspirational leader, building organizational capability, grounded on effective, concrete, and pragmatic strategies. Among her unique characteristics is her strength of embracing the essence of the emerging technology at hand and generating the strategy by which the personnel resonate with it.