Montreal, August 21st 2017,


On Sunday August 20th, 10 IN-RGY employees surpassed their personal objectives, demonstrated courage and determination while participating in the Bonneville Half Marathon in Lachine (Quebec).

A race for 2 good causes: The majority of the proceeds generated by the race will be donated to the Montreal Alzheimer Society to help people affected by this disease, which unfortunately, will become THE illness of the future. Additionally, the organization will provide financial support to local sports teams or clubs.

From the pre-race excitement, to surpassing their own limits, they lived through all emotions.

From race scars to war injuries they survived this event with a smile on their faces.

Congratulations to Steve Hill, Jean-Luc Corneli, Khaled Hassen, Daniela Gangemi, Loan Luu, Isabelle Lehoux, Wihane Ezzeddine, David Vachon, Johan Bineau and Olivier Drouin.

On the soundtrack of Happy by Pharrell Williams, which summarizes well their state of mind at the end of the race, Thierry Bodson (CEO, IN-RGY) prepared this video recap of the event.

We are IN-RGY !