IN-Operation : Entrust your payroll system

By providing different bundles of managed payroll solutions, our qualified squad of IT professionals eases the burden of operating these daily transactional processes thus enabling you to focus on your people and meet your business objectives.
Who could better represent your organization to your employees than yourselves? No one! While business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a high risk for companies, Limited BPO is a risk mitigation and a cost saving generator. Entrust your HR Payroll system related operations to IN-RGY while you focus on being an HR partner to your business.
Outsource the right things…

Outsource the right things…

Our team will process your transactional operations on your own HRIS, leaving the ownership of systems and data in your hands. This is what we do for you:
  • Transactional task and Data entry in your own HRIS solutions
  • Data Quality Insurance with automated validation tools (RPA)
  • Payroll execution, reconciliation, and balancing activities
  • Report & Dashboard preparation, execution, and distribution
  • Continuous improvement of your solution and processes
  • We do exactly what your needs are… No more, no less.
Outsource the right way…

Outsource the right way…

Get the best of both worlds. Keep control of people assigned to your account and get them managed and trained by the best experts at IN-RGY:
  • Resources (Main and Back-up) are dedicated and trained on your own solutions and processes
  • Operational staff works closely with our system experts, insuring real-time support and best practice follow-up as well as avoiding costly handling errors
  • Operational staff works partially on site with your teams, insuring better chemistry and inter-relation with your own staff
  • Contractual engagement for fraction of FTE per expertise based on real need, generating direct cost saving for your organization
Major advantages for your Organization

Major advantages for your Organization

Limited BPO will bring to your organization significant value at no additional cost:
  • Service Continuity assurance despite vacations, leaves, departure, etc.
  • Highly qualified resources trained on your specific HRIS solutions, and supported by a team of systems experts
  • Dedicated resources exposed to multiple clients and practices, bringing alternative experiences and increased added value
  • HR/Payroll staff certified and members of CHRA or CPA organizations
Our Experienced Human Resource Advisors
Our professionals come to your workplace to work directly with your team. They propose flexible approaches completely adaptable to your business sector and your current & future objectives.
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