Strategic Consulting in Organizational Transformation

To guide you through organizational change, regardless of which line of business may be impacted or which technology may be implemented.

IN-Strategy is your partner in action, whether you are looking to:

  • Implement new technological solutions;
  • Begin or delve further into digital transformation;
  • Foster a culture focused on performance and customer experience;
  • Optimize your business processes;
  • Deploy a new organizational structure;
  • Develop strategies for competency development.

Our goal: contribute to the success of your transformation project and promote lasting acceptance of change.



Conseil stratégique

Strategic Consulting

Our experts help you define and operationalize your strategic goals and optimize organizational performance.

  • Analysis of the environment and organizational structure toward optimization
  • Management team alignment
  • Assessment and support in selecting technologies
  • Strategic Human Resources planning
  • Measurement of effectiveness, costs and return on investment
Conduite du changement

Driving Change

Our experts help you achieve a better understanding of the context of your transformation and promote a successful and lasting change.

  • Assessment of the organization’s ability to change and change readiness analysis
  • Business process mapping and identification of human and organizational change impacts
  • Change management and communication strategies and plans targeted to various stakeholder groups
  • Identification, engagement and empowerment of change ambassadors

Knowledge and Competency Development

Our experts help you deploy the necessary strategies and tools to empower your employees and promote their development.

  • Training analysis, strategy and plan
  • Design, distribution and assessment of learning solutions
  • Identification of critical and strategic knowledge
  • Creation of competency profiles and development plans
  • Introduction of new learning modes

Management Coaching

Our experts help you optimize the development of your leaders, managers and professionals.

  • Development of leadership competencies
  • Development of management competencies
  • Development of relational skills
  • Development of performing teams
Our Experienced Human Resource Advisors
Our professionals come to your workplace to work directly with your team. They propose flexible approaches completely adaptable to your business sector and your current & future objectives.
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