Roll out the full potential of your Workforce Timekeeper solution with Kronos!

To attract and retain top-quality talent today, human capital professionals need an integrated set of tools for managing and nurturing their organizations’ most valuable strategic advantage from pre-hire to retire. Let us show you how:

Deploy the full potential of your Workforce Timekeeper solution

  • Human Resources: Creating and automating your HR policies.
  • Automated tracking of delays, absences.
  • Automated tracking of events and comments.
  • IT resources: Creation of Workflows, alerts, interfaces.
  • Responsible for the schedules: Creation of reminder lists, work shifts management, schedules creation by integrating “bumping”.
  • Managers: Master all the available functions of the IN-Touch terminals and the Kronos Mobile solution.
  • Production of bilingual training materials.

Thanks to Labor IN-Sight, you’ll be able to maximize your Workforce Timekeeper solution


  • Export your schedules and events in Outlook or Google Calendar
  • Creating custom reports
  • In the event of a major emergency, employee evacuation report creation
  • Use reminder lists that includes tracking notes and comments from contacted employees
  • Complete and simplified Holiday Bidding offers
  • Complete and simplified Shift Bidding offers
  • Real-time customization of dashboards on absenteeism, resource utilization rates, and many others
  • Create custom function keys for the IN-Touch terminal such as: Order of meals with payroll deduction
  • Customization thanks to our Kronos Solution Experts

Fully optimize your Workforce Central solution
in 5 days

  • Available functionalities analysis
  • Irritants analysis and recommendation for improvement
  • Configuration adjustments
  • Testing support
  • Production launch and run
  • Yearly follow-up and maintenance

Our team of Kronos experts has more than 15 years of experience in workforce management. We believe that your solution must be adapted to your reality and your needs. Let us show you the best practices in the market to maximize your effectiveness and resources!