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Are you tired of managing time, scheduling, absence, and labor compliance processes manually for your diverse workforce? You can save time and reduce payroll costs while eliminating error-prone manual processes. Our team, working in collaboration with Workforce Software, will help you:

  • Streamline compliance – Stay up-to-date with hundreds of national and local labor laws, as well as absence regulations
  • Improve organizational efficiencies – Manage time and labor processes in real time and eliminate error-prone spreadsheets
  • Improve leave case management – Simplify eligibility determinations and absence management workflows
  • Boost employee satisfaction – Improve communication and transparency with convenient self-service tools


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Using the Xcelerate platform, we can reduce your time to value


Based on industry best practices, Xcelerate’s proven methodology allows you to quickly deploy WorkForce Software solutions and take advantage of the most impactful cost-saving capabilities.

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