Our 360° approach

At the heart of every IN-RGY service is the employee.

Our commitment to understanding the complexity of the human element as well as the human capital systems and processes enables us to elaborate complete strategic solutions for our clients and the communities they managed.

Flexibility & Know-how

Every day, people are at the heart of our concerns and guide our actions. What sets us apart is our ability to bring together corporate values, human qualities and technological expertise. Our teams are made up of members with specialized and complementary skills, all of whom are devoted to ensuring your complete satisfaction. We deliver intelligent solutions that precisely match the unique human resources needs of each client. We foster an approach based on flexibility and know-how to adapt ourselves to mandates, clients, budgets and schedules.

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Culture of cooperation

Culture of cooperation

IN-RGY is first and foremost an experienced, results-oriented team of HRIS professionals many of whom have been in the business for more than 15 years. Our culture of cooperation promotes the sharing of this valuable knowledge and expertise which has been acquired through hands-on project experience. We offer you our depth of knowledge in order to develop a long-lasting business relationship based on trust and success.

IN-RGY represents the synergy between the depth of knowledge of our seasoned HRIS professionals and the blending of our major technological and strategic abilities for a flexible service model:
Technical expertise
  1. Official SAP Partner – specialized HCM
  2. SAAS customized solutions
  3. Turn-Key solution experts
  4. À la carte or specialized solutions
  5. Hosted Solution Provider
  6. Maintenance effectiveness, support and system administration
  7. Customer support and service
Strategic abilities
  1. Company analysis and knowledge center
  2. Process optimization
  3. Teaching, coaching and knowledge transfer
  4. Project and change management