What is IN-RGY?

Noun, [INRGY]
Definition of IN-R-GY:
Energetic Strategic Advisors

IN-RGY is a dynamic force with the ability to lead others through their human capital decisions.

IN-RGY is the power derived from the cumulative strength of our people to help digitize our client’s HR functions, to fuel their business transformation and propel their evolution.

Humans as a boundless source of IN-RGY

WE ARE IN-RGY. Our success can be traced back to our first inroads as a SAP HR system integrator in 2006. Since then, our experience and knowledge have expanded making us not only top integrators and configurators but strategic advisors in all facets of Human Capital Management. We work together in a harmonious collaborative 360o approach to harness the power of our client’s HR functions. Fueling business transformations underpins our purpose, which is to create a more human oriented future, and depends on strong values that have been at the core of IN-RGY since its inception.

A woman looks ahead
Work environment with multiple desktops

Becoming IN-RGY

From our humble beginnings over 10 years ago to our vast national presence today, IN-RGY has enjoyed continuous growth. Every milestone achieved has enabled us to better fulfill our purpose of preparing our clients and our communities for the Human Capital needs of the future.

Our collaborative attitude made IN-RGY an innovative force and allowed us to drive transformation. Our unique journey taught us to appreciate how lucky we are to be a team of progressive thinking people, to have this unrelenting desire to get the job done, to work with highly respected clients, to have fun in the process and to know we continuously make a difference.

Fun facts full of IN-RGY

In 2006, IN-RGY starts its practice with 3 employees in a small windowless basement in Old Montreal. Thank god for neon lights, pizza luncheons and really good air fresheners.

After mistakenly receiving an unrelated email, the team rejoices of winning their first major contract. The festivities don’t last long and the team commiserates together. Fortunately, a few weeks later, the entire IN-RGY team celebrates the win of the huge Videotron contract and vows to always take the time to properly reread emails before jumping for joy.

If you visit the IN-RGY offices at lunch, you may be asked to participate in the ongoing ping pong match or baby foot game. Our advice start practicing your skills now.

Every year, IN-RGY has a few key objectives and invites their members to participate. In 2017, the main objective is focused on increased communication and mobilisation. A selected committee is put in place to battle it out for the best ideas and test out concepts.

Leading with IN-RGY

We are built on the strength and ingenuity of our people. In every region where we operate, our local talents guide our mission, drive our client’s objectives and uphold our collective beliefs.

Our team of all-star professionals is led by supportive leaders who believe in the power of intricate collaboration and minimal hierarchy. We go out of our way to recruit the best talents and to provide them with an environment in which they can thrive.

Three people in a windowed office

Living with IN-RGY

Our offices are designed to foster a sense of community, well-being, innovative and collaborative thinking. Where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic self. A safe haven for all. A rewarding, inspiring place to work where a ping pong game is always available to let out some steam when required.