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Flexibility: an adaptation to adopt

Labatt recently launched products into the antiseptic market, many automobile manufacturers are lending their resources to produce medical devices, and large restaurant franchises are putting take-out menus to good use during this strange time. The aforementioned companies all have a common denominator: adaptation, and active steps towards transformation. 

But still, how is this crisis impacting businesses directly? Could it change a culture or even values? How does one react when they are questioned about an uncertain future? 

The following is a prime example of how IN-RGY bounces back and adapts quickly and effectively.  


How do we adapt? 


Darwin once said: 

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” 

This has never been more true regarding the current corporate landscape.

Even when times are tough, we must see and grasp the opportunities that arise. Change has always been and continues to be the key to our ongoing and complex evolution. 
We, as a global society, find ourselves in a bizarre and unprecedented situation here in 2020. A situation in which entertainment, work, and even our social relations have taken on a completely different form. But could it mean a lot more for employers in terms of unearthing new, unexplored leverage angles? 

Alienation and a lack of sense of community at work and at home can arise as un unwelcome result, if not handled with ample care. 

In unstable situations, good leadership and emotional intelligence have an unparalleled, positive impact.  
In this respect IN-RGY is exemplary. 


1. Communication for cohesion 


This word is considered essential by the executive, and our company managers. Every day, communications on the new measures that are put in place, in addition to words of encouragement and moral support are shared. In all transparency, management informs about the company’s current situation and the impact of daily events. 
With a good communication plan in place, our leaders show us the way to a more secure future. 
More than ever, they show us the importance of our well-being as employees, and that our team can continue to be strong even during hard times. 

“Communication makes all the difference in uniting and gathering a team, through the transmission of meaning. We communicate to hear our people, so they know our door is open. Listening is very important, especially in this difficult time for us all” quotes Thierry Bodson, President and Founder of the IN-RGY Group.

We are more connected than ever, with each other. It is in a context like this that our leaders can see the pride of their teams lending itself to their identity within the work community. This is one of the strongest pillars of the IN-RGY family. 


2. Working from Home is win-win


Even though we are all greatly affected by this crisis, is an increase in mobilization, stronger results-oriented culture, and stronger employee engagement still possible? 
IN-RGY continues to show increased solidarity, empathy and team cohesion. 

Even before the “COVID-19” upheaval, it is important to remember that companies were already in the midst of transforming to attract new talent from the marketplace. Flexibility was a value already present at IN-RGY, offering a lifestyle defining culture that continues to aid us. 
Choosing your environment and working according to your own peak productivity hours are two integral components of flexibility. The individual optimizes their own productivity in a way that is unique and effective for them. Even in our current circumstances, we reap many benefits thanks to this phenomenon 


A new power 


After this global pandemic, the power of flexibility will continue to affect talent attraction and retention. Working from home is an organizational culture, which may very well prove to be an essential pillar for many traditional employers. 


3. The agile environment   


We know what it means to run projects in an agile manner. A company that evolves within said environment is able to adapt very quickly to situations on both the strategic and operational levels. 

At IN-RGY, the work environment helps to constantly assess the steps involved in completing tasks, all while seeking improvements proactively. We then focus on driving results. 
Trust and transparency are the golden virtues of team success, while maximum flexibility allows the company to remain at the top of its game. 
Managers position themselves more as coaches to help teams both independently and remotely. This type of management increases the initiative and inspiration of employees, resulting in more creativity in the face of the company’s evolving needs. 


4. The real potential of tools 


How can human interactions and relationships still thrive when virtual activities are at their peak of popularity?  
“The feeling of isolation will increase.”  
We have tips to alleviate these feelings from your online collaborative platform (Microsoft Teams, Slack, Livestorm, Zoom, etc.) 


The non-verbal difference 


A good technique to fuel the authenticity of your working relationships is to keep eye contact! While you may not dare to do so in your pyjamas, try turning on your camera during your next meeting rather than just staying in “audio-only mode. 
Seeing the non-verbal reactions of your colleagues can add more life to online interactions, and drastically increase the value of your meetings. It also goes without saying, but this way it’s much more fun. 
Webinars, meetings, brainstorm, stand-ups, training, and even yoga classes! Everything is online at IN-RGY. 
Even in isolation, our teams can remain productive and move forward during times of change. 


5. The role of values  


Flexibility increases morale and commitment. It’s no longer a secret. We want to work for an employer for whom performance is as important as quality of life. 
” We soon realized that happiness at work was the key to success. Putting employee happiness first became the organization’s stalemate. The day we started doing this, we started to have exceptional results,” explains Simon De Baene, founder of GSOFT, in an interview with La Presse. 


The power of forward-thinking corporate values as a tool for mobilization and retention should not be underestimated. 
When you are going through periods of instability, it is essential for a company to clarify and live its values, so that employees can be inspired and motivated to accomplish all relevant tasks.  
If said values are understood and experienced by employees, their sense of belonging will expand, no matter where they are. It ithe company’s undying conviction and steadfast implementation of new strategies that will truly keep the momentum going. 


What if the happiness of your employees becomes an organizational value? 


The current upheaval poses major adaptation challenges for companies, but may well prove to be positive within your organizational culture. Time will certainly tell.  



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Anne-Marie Boutin

Marketing and communication Advisor 


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